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Concerts Of Coldplay In Spain


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Portugal is yet waiting that they go to play there on this tour.

Coldplay have played in Spain 2 times (Madrid and Barcelona last year, and will play again in Barcelona this year).

they'll play on countries they've never played before.


that being said, i agree with you i find it a bit unfair, that they named their album with a spanish title, have recorded part of it in Barcelona, and they come to play here that few times and the same goes with central and south america. :(

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It is a bit unfair if you consider the band have played a small country like The Netherlands three times last year, and will play here again twice later this year.


Which makes 5 times in 16 months time.


I'm sure Spanish fans have feelings too.

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But but but.. we are special!:lol::P


One was a really intimimate concert and the other ones were,.. uhm yeah normal.

And jep they are coming her twice in september.

I know it's unfair and I'm sorry.. I know that we are reaaally lucky that they come a lot to the Netherlands.


I really wish they are going to South America too :( They don't go there at all.. So 3 times in Spain isn't that bad. Although I can understand why you think it's unfair ;)

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@ Juanma & cpolio:

as i've said is not fair taking into account that they said spanish had inspired them on this album :\

they should had focused a bit more this tour to latin america and spain & portugal imo, don't you think?


edit: btw

nobody has noticied this thread is not in the right section, is on lost! it should be in coldplay live i think :thinking:

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what are you talking about :| you should be happy that they will play in your country!

last year they were about 4-5 times in Germany, in this year they will play 3 times in Germany, they were last year in Prague and 0, null, none, zero in Poland!



in poland live 40mln people!




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