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Someone wrote a fairly long-winded article about how long to hold eye contact in a job interview.


To which my response is the aforementioned "Seriously?":






I'm going to bed now everyone.


EDIT: Well okay, it isn't actually long-winded, but it is when you consider the SUBJECT MATTER. And this is CNBC. They're supposed to cover, like, the economy and stuff like that. O.o so it's weird.


anyway talk about it!

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If I was going to hire someone, I wouldn't care about eye contact as much as their experience and tenacity. CNBC (and people obsessed with business) tends to overthink everything.


Look up "six sigma" for a perfect example of overthinking a simple subject like management.

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Tip: Avoid these mistakes: 1) Not looking long enough, or too long, 2) In a group, only looking at the people you like, or who are most influential, or who may or may not have baseball bats.


^^^ That's a bad habit I try to break - but sometimes it's required to effectively convey your point.

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