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Chris`Viva La Vida Jacket (again ;-) )

Fix you 23

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Hi everyone!


I am quite new to the Coldplaying Forum. I signed up awhile ago and know it for long now, but never really postet something.


I am a Coldplay Fan since many years now ( from the very begining) and of course I like everyone of the Band :lol: But I have to say my favourite was Chris- from the first second :D


Well , I have a question about the Viva La Vida Jackets that they wear now all the time...I know there were a couple of threads about them but before you kick me out :D maybe someone can read my question and help me a little bit...


I planned to make a Jacket on my own for long now-

I am very creative and really think that I could make it but I have some general Questions to the ones that allready made themselfes one.


for example: I wanted to know about the front of the Jacket how you painted it , what kind of colours did you use so it will not fade away when I put it into the washing mashine some time?

Are they kinda waterproof colours? Or did you just put cloth stuff that has the right colour on it?



Also, does the Jacket that I use as "basic" has to have these "front buttons and lines" on there? Or can I put them on there myself?


I hope you know what I mean, its hard to explain sorry I am from Germany ;)

well, thats the only questions by now.. maybe I have one more later if I can think of one *lol*:rolleyes:


I would be very happy for any help, in english or german :laugh3:

Have a nice day everyone!


Fix You 23

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Hm, I didn't do such a jacket on my own (to be honest, I just bought a similiar one and didn't change anything, so it hasn't all this decoration on it), but I think you could sew the stripes on the jacket and then put the buttons on it.

Maybe it would also work with waterproof colours, but I think it wouldn't turn out the way Chris' did, because, if I'm not blind, he didn't paint those strpies on the jacket as well.


By the way: Welcome to the board. ;)

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Hey you


I didnt make a jacket on my own but i hope i can help you anyway ;)


I would buy stuff in the right colour. I wont paint the clothes. Just sew the front parts on the jacket! Buy little straps in the right colour and sew it on your basic jacket! And you can put buttons on it by your self as well! Its just about sewing i think! :)


Yes , seems that Chris´s jacket isnt painted..


hope you have more ideas now how to make your jacket and welcome to the board.. ;)


Oh, and I understand your english very well! ;)

MINE is bad!..

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I made the jacket for halloween!

I went to a fabric store and bought fabrics and sowed them on, and then got some other fabric strips and tied them around my arm. ITs not the exact same, but people know as soon as they see it what it is supposed to be.

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I done the same, I used Patches of fabric which i stuck on with that special iron on hemming tape. However i plan to make a new one very soon for Lancashire, And would recommend using Dylon Paints, These paints do not run or come off in the wash I am pretty sure. ( have a look around on the internet )

You could also use ordinary acrylic paints if you intend not too wash it, as these will run. and ruin the jacket.

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Hello @ everyone and thank you so much for the nice welcoming!:kiss:

thank you all for your help and opinions!


Thats exactly what I thought..Chris`Jacket doesnt look really "painted" and I cant think of a good colour that would stay on there forever... If it would be a T-shirt, well okay I could wear it rarely, but a Jacket has to overdue a view Years, you know :D


I guess I will go to a store and watch around there for some good fabrics that have the colours.

I dont know how to do that with the collar by now. I saw some Jackets on the Site in other Threads. Some of you did an amazing job by putting the craziest things on there. Some putted Butterflies on there too.

I just want to make everything I do close to the original -__-

unfortunately I am kinda perfectionist *loL*

So I stare all day at the Pictures where Chris wear the Jacket ( Well, I know sometimes he just switches with Jonny...)

and every time I look at the Jackets I am not sure wich one he wears more often *LOL* and I find something new on them everytime :-)


But ICEDUDE2010 is right. It doesnt have to be 100 % the original , I think if you see the stripes on the arm, you allready know what its supposed to be :-)

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I'm trying to make the jacket myself.

I'm not sure how to start. I can't find a good jacket to start.

At first i thougt a militairy jacket would be the one i needed but the all have pockets wich are not on chris's jacket.

Does anyone know wich jacket I need?

How can I make the colours look faded as on the jacket?

Sorry for my english, I'm from Holland.


Groetjes Chiem

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