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Mathew Horne collapses on stage


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Comic actor Mathew Horne has collapsed on stage during a performance of Entertaining Mr Sloane in London.


A BBC producer in the audience said the star fell to the floor in the middle of a scene with actor Simon Paisley Day.


Paisley Day called out for any doctors in the house to come forward. Horne lay prone on the stage for 10 minutes before paramedics arrived.


He was treated on stage before the manager asked the audience to leave the Trafalgar Theatre.


The theatre have confirmed that an understudy will play the role of Mr Sloane tonight.


While Horne was being treated, co-star Imelda Staunton walked on to the stage and apologised to the audience for the interruption.


She said that she had also been feeling unwell.


The theatre has confirmed that she will also be replaced in tonight's performance.




John Rigby, a BBC producer in the audience, reported that Horne seemed "absolutely fine" during the first half of the Joe Orton play but that there was an unexpected delay after the interval.


It was announced the play would resume in three minutes but a further 10 minutes elapsed before the actors took to the stage.


Rigby said that the audience seemed to be under the impression that Horne's collapse 15 minutes into the second half was part of the show until fellow actor Paisley Day called out: "I think something has gone wrong, is there a doctor in the house?"


One audience member came down to the front of the stage to help whilst another called out for someone to dial 999. An actor on stage replied: "Don't worry, it's been done".


The house lights were brought up and a further audience member asked whether the actor had been placed in the recovery position.


Several stage hands had come on stage to help out and one offered reassurance.


Horne fell with his back to the audience and did not move except to shake his head once while the ambulance crew were treating him.


During Imelda Staunton's address to the audience, she said she was "incredibly sorry" for the events and that the box office would repay the ticket costs.


She was interrupted three times by rounds of applause from the audience.


Rigby said: "I think everyone was just trying to show their concern for Mathew's wellbeing"


Horne's agent was unable to confirm whether the actor had been released from hospital.


The actor was sending messages on his Twitter feed until the early hours of the afternoon. At 2pm he posted: "What a beautiful day!!! ... For doing a matinee and evening performance!"


Horne, who is best known for the sitcom Gavin & Stacey, is currently starring on television and in film as well as on stage.


Horne & Corden, his sketch show with comedy partner James Horne is running on BBC3 and the two can also been seen in at cinemas in Lesbian Vampire Killers.



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