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Those lyrics in tiny print

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Leafing through the booklet for Viva La Vida for the nth time, I actually bothered to stop and read the lyrics written on the middle pages. One thing caught my eye: In the Reign of Love section I could see the normal lyrics from the song, followed by:


"Reign of love I can't let go reign of love only this I know"


...And then some print that was too tiny to read.


1) Has anyone heard this "extra verse" live?

2) Can anyone make out what the rest of it says?



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I'll just copy-n-paste the discography section's lyrics to make myself feel helpful


Reign of love

I can't let go

To the sea I offer this heavy load

Locust wind

Lift me up

I'm just a prisoner in a reign of love


Locust wind

Here I stop

How I wish I'd spoken up

To a reign of love


Reign of love by the church we're waiting

Reign of love on my knees go praying

How I wish I'd spoken up

Away get carried on a reign of love


oh, also, to my knowledge Coldplay has NEVER played Reign of Love live, so that whole Extra Verse Live theory of yours is probably incorrect :wink: I don't have an actual hard copy of Viva La Vida, so I can't exactly look at my booklet to try to read the tiny print for you. Sorry :\

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