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Clocks Interpretation

mrs. chris martin

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ok, so i'm guessing THIS is where i meant to post this.


so, i've asked the oracle literally 5 times, & i still get no answer.

a couple months ago i was on the church of chris martin & i read an interpretation of clocks & it stated that william willett, the man who invented the concept of daylight savings time, is chris's great great grandfather. i searched it & it's true! he got the idea of setting the "clocks" an hour ahead to decrease energy costs during the summer. what a genius! no wonder chris is so smart it's in his genes! the interpretation was basically saying that clocks is about william willett's discovery & the fact that no one listened to him. "lights go out & i can't be saved, tides that i tried to swim against." daylight savings became a law in england after he died in 1916 to save money on coal during world war 1, so he never lived to see it become a law. my question is, is clocks really about william willett? if it's not, then can you please tell me what it is about?


i really really wanna know!

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Do you seriously think Chris wrote a song with deep ambiguous lyrics about daylight savings time? You can ask the oracle but I assure you its not. The actual meaning is somewhat up to interpretation. But the more popular themes are the imminence of death and the nature of life. Some people say its about a relationship and there's evidence for religious parallels as well...

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It could be more about the times when it was written as well.. The mystery composer is a true unknown, but the music speaks louder than words; it was also a time when the tales of William Tell were reaching more popularity in Europe, and so there was this sense of action, of poignant purpose suddenly thrust onto the scene, and those were the images come to light in Chris's mind.

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