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I've missed a cross country practice for the 2005 ATL concert

I missed a whole day of classes for the 11/5/08 concert, and got 3 hrs of sleep after the 11/11/08 concert since I had classes the next morning and was 3hrs away.


and for the atl and birmingham concerts, I'm skipping out on the 'term a" summer classes since they start may 18 and I wouldn't be there on the 1st day and they drop your classes if you're not there....so yea...but it's worth it. in 20 years, I'll be glad I went to coldplay and graduated a semester late or had to take more hours in a semester, then missing them and hating myself for it.

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I've only been to one Coldplay show before... Philadelphia 11/1/08, and I didn't miss anything for it (that I remember).


But this June, I will be missing my hockey spring league playoffs because I will be in Canada for the Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton shows. Hope my teammates won't be too mad at me. Well, yeah, they will.

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Don'[t be offended about what I'm going to say, I like hockey. What would you rather do, hit a piece of plastic with a stick or see your favorite band? What would I rather do, listen to my stupid principal talk about achievement and stuff, or see Chris Martin singing about God knows what?

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but colplay are you friends, in a way.


seems as if you need to spend more time in class or get a spell check....


LOL, just kidding, but had to point it out.


i hope you enjoy your show. trust me, when you get to my age, you'll never remember you're 8th grade graduation but you'll surely remember the Coldplay show. i'm sure of it!


i can't think of anything i've missed other than work, and working for yourself makes it that much nicer! no one to yell at me!

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