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Coldplay Better Indoors or Outdoors?


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Something about singing 'Look at the stars...." when actually looking at the stars is just unbeatable,`eh? And the effects like the "Clocks" lasers beaming out into the darkness, ...amazing!:D

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The Clocks laser was amazing! When Will said on storytellers it put a roof on the world, he was not lying. At all.


The atmosphere is really great. Especially an nice summer night. Sound for me was iffy for the first half but after that I noticed no difference. In fact it sounded just as good as a Arena.


Each has a set of pros and cons. I'll rule in on June 20th

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I've been to two Coldplay concerts, both Viva La Vida tours. One was inside (BankAtlantic Arena in Sunrise, FL) and the other one was outdoor (Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL).


I must say that I enjoyed the outdoor venue A LOT more. The reasons for this may be biased some what... because at the outdoor venue I was in the PIT, and it was their first venue for this Leg of the tour, so maybe they were really into it since it was refreshing to tour again, I don't know.


But I definitely enjoyed the outdoor venue.

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