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~The Gautama Appreciation Thread~


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:lol:all this appreciation is overwhelming me.

what to do paul?





''Age badly. Follow random pathways in the forest. Smoke a pipe. Become a hermit. Never shave ever again. Take Ecstasy on weekends. Develop a Valium habit. Read the Bible. Go to Tibet. Become an MP . Change my name. Laugh at economists. Start skanking dancehall style''.


Thom Yorke

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it is all love :)

and since we're both hippies, we now have technically reached blessed nirvana.

time for some awesome beatles clips paul. have one for yourself?

i choose this one for me:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDTi_La94Uo]YouTube - The Beatles - Something (1969)[/ame]

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