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Britain's latest music sensation!! Who likes??


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DJ Talent through to Britain's Got Talent semi-final


12:29pm Sunday 24th May 2009

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GOLD toothed rapper DJ Talent has made it through to the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

The self-confessed womaniser, of Avenue Road, Anerley who claims to have slept with around 1,000 women stunned judges with his catchy rap on the show last month.

And in a 90 minute special which was broadcast on ITV last night (May 23) viewers saw them choose him as one of the 40 acts to perform in the live shows.

Two acts from each of the next five programmes will be chosen by the judges and the public to make it through to the grand final next Saturday.

Thirty-year-old DJ Talent, real name Anthony Ghosh, is competing for the chance to rap for royalty at the Royal Variety Show and a cheque for £100,000.




DJ Talent through to Britain's Got Talent semi-final



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Anthony Ghosh voted off Britain's Got Talent


4:42pm Tuesday 26th May 2009

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By Scott Mullins »


DJ TALENT waved goodbye to TV audiences last night as he was voted out of Britain’s Got Talent.

Anthony Ghosh, aka DJ Talent, was put through to the semi -finals of the popular show by judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden on Saturday night.

But his live appearance last night (May 25) ended in disaster for the 33-year-old rapper after his rhyme ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ failed to secure enough public votes to send him through to the final.

Mr Ghosh, of Avenue Road, Anerley, will now miss out on the chance to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show later this year.

He said: “It was a smashing and fantastic night but unfortunately I just didn’t get enough public votes. I am disappointed not to go through.

“I don’t think it was personal though. The other acts were very good and you have to remember it is for the Queen.

“I am not sure if she would like dance or house music.”

Mr Ghosh, who once threatened to sell his 23 gold teeth to stave off the credit crunch, says he now has dreams of having a number one hit.

He said: “Piers Morgan and Amanda said they would help me do that.

“I am very excited about what has happened on Britain’s Got Talent. I have been on the best entertainment show that is on offer.

“I am moving onto bigger and better things now.”

Dance act Flawless and schoolboy singer Shaun Smith were voted through ahead of DJ Talent in last night’s semi-final.

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*runs scared*

you must be kidding me right? :uhoh:


he looks scary to me :( poor Britain.

(and no i hadn't watched the vid, it'll be worthy or just a waste of time?)


You MUST watch it. It's hilarious!!:P


Anyway, they reckon he's guaranteed to have a number one hit with his song!!:rolleyes:

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