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that's true, it depends, but you'll tend to listen one voice more than the other. :thinking:


I wouldn't say so, no. However, most of my favourite male vocalists happen to be lead singers of bands, whereas the female ones tend to be solo, except in the case of soul singers where both the men and women are/were pretty much all soloists.;)

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male. the only female singers i really like are amy macdonald and kt tunstall.


i kinda got into duffy and amy winehouse as well, some songs are good, but i'd say 95% of my playlist contains male singers.

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I saw Amy Macdonald she came to Scarboroughbshe was very good


She sure is!! This time I plan to meet her. Last time I managed to get a signed photo but she had already got on the tour bus so we missed out on a "face-to-face".:(

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