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The Case for Coldplay: Exhibit A - Music critics are assholes

The Goot

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Music criticism has become a filthy, disgusting monster that tells you what is art and when it’s art and eats your face if you disagree. The criticism has gone from discussing what is good and bad about a band to creating two categories of bands — good and bad. Groups like Coldplay, working artists who are defining and perfecting their craft as they go, have become fodder for any jerk with a PC and a keyboard to condescend to the masses.



pretty much all of that article is complete shit


Its a f*ck load of words for basically saying nothing! He has made NO argument at all! Who gave this guy this job?? :\



Anyone else find this ironic? Here the guy is making a strong point for Coldplay and talking about how people should not just say whether something is "good" or "bad" right off the bat. And look at those 2 responses.

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On one hand, it seems like this article writer is well aware of the idiotic and needless hate for the band. On the other hand, he sort of takes a "So what?" approach. I actually got the feeling that he's relatively neutral towards the band, not understanding the hate but not considering them amazing at the same time.

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Everyone seems turned off because he's not immediately complementing the band, and is acknowledging some of the criticisms. But understand that he's arguing more about the nature of music criticism than the quality of coldplay's music. I find it appealing because he's an unbiased, neutral party, acknowledging the truth in what some critics are saying, but also saying that critics go way too far in categorizing art and that coldplay's music doesn't at all deserve the ridiculously unfair rap it gets.

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