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Why do you buy CDs?


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I buy them because I like to support the artists. I do download albums from the internet but if I really like them, I'll buy them in a shop. :)


Same here. I either buy from Itunes, or I buy the CD from Amazon, the artist's website, or in a shop.

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Supporting the artist with buying CDs is only a half-truth.

At first you support the record lable, which then decides whether to kick off the artist or just give a new contract (with money) to him/her/them.

So you do not directly "support" the artist. On the second way, yes.

But I don't want to split hairs. :lol:


I buy them because I like the quality of a CD track more than a Mp3 (in my opinion only vinyl is better).

Apart from that the CDs look very good in my CD closet. :lol:

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