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Petit Prince

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Is anyone doing/ has anyone done any voluntary work?


I'm on my break till mid-September and I kinda need to do something to keep me busy. It's not looking good with jobs at the moment so I started looking into voluntary work. It might be a good idea as I'd hopefully be able to something for the community and gain work experience at the same time.


Any ideas?

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Guest Grace

it's not exactly volunteering, but we get to do another work experience for school in grade 12 and i wanted to give something back to the community and now i'm working at the red cross for two weeks.

it's actually a side project. they do creative activities with mentally challenged people.

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You could always try looking around your local community. I'm sure there are tons of food banks and youth programs you could easily involve yourself in if you're looking towards making more of a difference in the community around you.


What kind of volunteer work are you interested in doing?

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I think I'd like to work with children/ young people. I used to work in a youth centre and I really enjoyed it. It seems to be quite hard to get into those kind of jobs when you're still in education so volunteering might be a good start.


Thanks for the link Nina, I'll check it out.

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