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Sacha Baron Cohen marches his camp Queen's guards in hotpants into London premiere of Bruno


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Sacha Baron Cohen marches his camp Queen's guards in hotpants into London premiere of Bruno


By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:56 PM on 17th June 2009



He's already landed bare-bottom onto Eminem's lap and posed nude on a magazine cover, but Sacha Baron Cohen made sure he brought something special to today's London premiere of Bruno.

The actor donned tiny leather shorts and a bearskin hat to dress as a camp Queen's guard in Leicester Square.

He marched a troop of equally scantily-clad men down the carpet towards the waiting crowds.







Marching in: Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as a camp Queen's guard for the London premiere of Bruno



Baron Cohen, 37, wore sturdy leather over his bare, hair-free legs as he paraded and pouted before the cameras.






His fiancee, Australian actress Isla Fisher, showed off her petite figure in a short grey dress and matching heels.

Other notable guests included Nigella Lawson, who wore an off-the-shoulder black dress and bright pink handbag.





article-1193742-0561BB28000005DC-126_634x342.jpg Leading the troops: The actor was followed by a host of scantily-clad men



Posing: He worked the crowds on a white podium with two of his companions


Former Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost showed off a golden tan in white trousers and a denim cropped top, while Peaches Geldof wore a long white dress and matching headband.

Rachel Stevens posed in front of a team of girls dressed as Queen's Guards.

Dressed in stylish trousers and a fringed top she beamed happily for photographers, despite a traumatic week in which it emerged she was mugged on her London doorstep.



article-1193742-0561BDC9000005DC-15_634x688.jpg All smiles: Despite her recent mugging ordeal, Rachel Stevens looked happy to be at the premiere






Shades of grey: Baron Cohen's fiancee Isla Fisher showed off her petite figure in a minidress



There has been huge anticipation over the Bruno movie, which is Baron Cohen's follow-up to the smash hit Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

In the film, the versatile comedian plays camp Austrian fashion reporter Bruno.


A fresh whiff of controversy was triggered recently, however, when gay rights groups in America accused the comedian of reinforcing stereotypes and promoting homophobia.






Here come the girls: Jenny Frost looked chic in white trousers and a cropped top, while television chef Nigella Lawson wore flattering black




The furore comes just ten days after a California woman sued the comedian, claiming he left her severely injured while making the film.


And in April, Texas congressman Ron Paul accused him of fraud, after being unwittingly tricked into a hotel room with Bruno.

He claimed he was in a studio for an interview about Austrian economics when he was told the interview would take place in a back room.





Sisterly affair: Pixie, left, and Peaches Geldof grabbed their spots on the carpet



'By the time he (Cohen) started pulling his pants down, I was like what on earth is going on here and I ran out of the room,' he said.


But then, it seems Baron Cohen likes to cause a stir.


During the MTV music awards at the beginning of June, he was lowered from the ceiling on wires, wearing angel wings, knee-high boots, and a barely there thong.


In what was later revealed to be an elaborate hoax, he then appeared to lose control, and landed crotch first on an apparently disgusted Eminem.


The rapper then stormed off, yelling: 'Are you serious? Are you f****** serious?'

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