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4th Coldplaying Alias day - Now collecting Aliases

Black Rose

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The 4th Alias Day is forecast to between the 36 hours between 10am UTC±0 on the 10th July to 10pm UTC±0 on the 11th July.




- you create a new fake account, 2 or more accounts are allowed, just don't go overboard.

- you can only use your alias account (s) for the 36 hours of the Alias day, you can't use it after, it's against the forum rules

- you won't know who who's alias is, so here be confusion

- NO BASHING!: swearing allowed but NO BASHING other real members, you can bash the other aliases though

- Alias posting are only allowed within the Alias-Day sub-forum of the Lounge, please try and keep to this rule to prevent confusion, if you post outside this area your posts will prob be moved into the sub-forum to keep things tidy. Outside this area your allowed to us your original account (just to keep the other parts of the forum alive) :)

- At the end of the alias day period, please PM me what your aliases were, so we could have a little "guess-who" game


the whole point of this would be FUN obviously and that no-one will know who you really are until the guess-who.


come on guys, sign up! :sunny:


So any questions? etc

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@ Maja: sure... i think you should check the previous Alias day threads to get an idea about how it is. :idea2:

i remember that last year someone was called Woodstock, and other Britney Simpson.



btw i agree with the subforum idea it will be less messy, but i think it'll be better to run it normal on the lounge only and then once it's finished Ian move the fake ids post to that subforum...

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