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Two Japanese Men And a Briefcase Containing $134 billion


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Anybody heard about this?


Two Japanese guys were arrested in Italy trying to pass over the Swiss border, and they had a briefcase with a hidden compartment in it. Inside the compartment were $134bn in $500m-denominated US Treasury bonds... and according to the governments involved, they were fake.


Of course, that makes no sense. If they were fake, how did they manage to forge them? You can't know what a $500m piece of paper looks like without access to the real thing. Second, you need to have access to incredibly good technology to fake something like this - we're not talking about a hundred-dollar bill, here. And third, who were they going to give these notes to? What could they possibly have wanted to trade them for?


So yeah, you'd have to be a complete dimwit to believe the government's explanation of this. The bonds were real, and for a short while there Bill Gates was not the richest man in the world... not by a long shot.


Governments are trying their best to dump US bonds quickly before the dollar collapses.

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I've heard of this.... I don't think we will get any answers for what it was though


Well that's the beauty of it, we don't really need an explanation. It's rather apparent what was going on.


The only question is, was it really the Japanese government that was trying to sell these bonds? Or were these men representing another government?

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