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Coldplay must suck at GCSE music


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it seems like all you did was talk about other bands and how much coldplay never adds up to them.


that's why i never liked your first post


and i dont like any of the other ones you made


but oh well :shrug: ....i still love you :D

peace :P

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I'm just writing this post to make it official.

I no longer slag off other bands. I don't care if some poeple don't like my taste in bands. It doesn't matter.

I apologise for all my other posts ( though they were posted with good intent, but isn't good intentions the downfall of everything?)

including, coldplay must suck at gcse music ( a pointless point made about how most CP songs ar in 4/4 time signature ie in my place, yellow the scientist) and CP are a half baked radiohead.

It's all over, because the bootom line is if it wasn't for coldplay getting big a lot of other fans wouldn't get into more and more lovely music.

Hell, i would never be a fan of radiohead if i never saw paranoid android on top of the pops, and now look at me, whining because i think someone isn't as cool as me. F*ck that!!!!!

I'm not high or drunk right now, i really mean this, sorry.

Peace and love and enjoy your music as long as it has soul you're alright.

Pretty unlikely but if any CP members read this, soory too. At least you're playing with your heart which is twenty thousand times more than a lot of others and you really touch people. Gee, if you don't believe me read the passionate responses to my posts in the past.

I can't be bothered writing this in the two other threads i have going but if anyone has the time please direct the nay sayers to this post here.

So long! :D

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i didn't think anything was ever wrong with your posts in the first place, i enjoy opinionated people (ie those who like to speak their minds) not people looking to disturb the peace and cause controversy....i never thought your posts were like that :shrug:

it's kinda sad that you're leaving though....there's nothing wrong with 4/4 time! keep things nice and simple don't confuse the folks, like throwing something in 11/8 or what ever the russian peice was i had to play once, it was horrible haha

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