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My Birthday Trip to Great America!


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Hey Everyone! Today (July 7th) was my birthday, and for my party I went with my friend coldplayfreak:] (Amy)! We had an AWESOME time there! We went there with my family and actually had a few interesting (and awesome) encounters with some people there. Probably the most cool one was with this old man who was wearing a Twisted Logic Tour shirt! :phil::will::chris::guy::jonny::lol: It was so cool! After several attempts, we finally spoke about for about 45 seconds with him! He was a very nice man, and we don't usually see a lot of people who show that they love Coldplay (by wearing t-shirts and merchandise :bigcry:). Well anyways, we rode EVERY SINGLE roller coaster and high thrill rides there! :D It was AWESOME! Counting double and triple ridings, we practically rode 26 rides! It was the BEST! We rode The Demon(x3), Invertigo, Drop Tower(x3), The Grizzly(x2), Centrifuge, Celebration Swings(x3), Vortex, Berserker(LOL We forced my mom onto that! xD), Whitewater Falls, Survivor the Ride(Where we first saw the man), Spongebob's Boatmobiles(Don't laugh :angry:...), Orbit, Logger's Run, HMB Endeavor (OMG! That ride was both sucky and unsafe...), Rip Roaring Rapids (Got hella soaked there...), Flight Deck(OMG! One of the best), and that one bumper cars thing LOL(x3 LOL I know, but we call it a ride xD). I cursed a lot on Drop Tower a lot though :shocked2:... Our day was so fun! We got hella cool airbrushed t-shirts that look almost exactly like Chris Martin's (:chris:) Red Checkmark Shirt. We added "Coldplay" to the top of the shirt to add a little fangirliness to it xD :laugh3:. We ended our day with The Grizzly, The Demon, Drop Tower, and Celebration Swings. On our way to the last ride, I took a (fail.) try at a 3-point-shooting arcade game because I play basketball. Damn those basketballs -,- They were hella flat and has a bad grip on them. I scored NONE... ugh... I failed at everything today. Especially bumper cars. @_@...:shifty: OMG... and some kid said in the crowd, "Is that a guy?". Omg... If I got my hands on that kid... :veryangry2: Grrr... anyways, we ended our day with what we started off with. Celebration Swings! :D Everything seems like baby rides after we rode all the very very insane rides. I really hope I go with Amy to Great America again! ROFL I'm so glad the lines were freakin short or else we wouldn't have rode anything -.- There was also this one Earth, Wind, Fire song that kept playing over and over again. Besides that, I had a great birthday and it is probably the best one I've ever had yet! :lol:


Amy (coldplayfreak:]) will post pictures of our trip soon!

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