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Don't look it up. Don't see if it means something on Urban Dictionary. Don't tell anyone. Don't ask Paul what it is because I will snap his pencil neck if he does. Don't ask your mom or the pedophile across the street about it. Don't think about thinking about it. Don't think about thinking about thinking about it. And don't remember this conversation.

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What is a pedo? :uhoh:


Well that's not very nice...maybe he's just lonely :(


Your mom owns a flower shop? Wow that's interesting.

Trust me, you know a person when you see them. He was one of those old grandpas with fake orange tans and always wears those stupid leather jackets and the fake 'grills' and tries to be cool by having a motorcycle up front. Plus he would be broke if he gave me a dollar for every piercing and tattoo on his face. :sick:


Thanks. :nice:

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