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Stina Nordenstam

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Stina Nordenstam is a singer-songwriter.


Nordenstam’s distinctive, breathy voice lead to early comparisons with artists such as Rickie Lee Jones and Björk. In 1991 she played at the Swedish parliament as part of the Year of Jazz. Her early albums, Memories of a Color and And She Closed Her Eyes, were significantly jazz-influenced, with only subtle elements of alternative rock. With 1997’s Dynamite she started down a darker, more experimental path - most of the album was filled with processed, distorted electric guitars and unusual beats, but careful listening revealed her unique song-writing abilities.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBv7XeOmFoU]YouTube - Get On With Your Life[/ame]

video from her latest album: 'The World is Saved' (2004)

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