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La dolce Vita

Gitta Rensolo

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What is "La dolce Vita" for you?



for me it is (in the future): to live in a house with my husband and my kiddies NOT in a city. With a nice countryside. I am a musician or an artist. I play the saxophon, the clarinet and the piano. I studied it at university. People admire me for my way of playing. If there is some time left I own a record store (I mean if I fail at being a musician...haha.). In summer the sun shines and in winter there is snow. We have enough money to live, but we are not rich. We love each other and or children and we love our lives!:blush:


There are actually some more things that would come to my mind probably....



this song inspired me....somehow...I LOVE IT:heart:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKgcKYTStMc]YouTube - Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose[/ame]




I am in such a romantic, dreamy, cheesy mood right now....ahhhhh...



(I don't want to work tomorrow...ewww...:sick:)

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Guest Grace

"la dolce vita" makes me think of sunsets and beaches. but that's not quite my cup of tea.

but the perfect idea of my future would be... i really don't know.

there are so many paths to happines and contentedness that i wouldn't know which one to pick.


i hope i'll end up with an amazing husband i'll love until i die, two wonderful kids and a great house. i want to feel at home. i want to feel like i wouldn't want to switch places with anybody else in the world.

and yeah, i wanna be filthy rich. hahah. nah, it'll be enough to be able to pay the bills and not think about money 24/7.

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Guest Grace

^ it's just so hard to find or rather attain.

i mean i haven't had a boyfriend yet (which is not a bad thing), but it already shows how difficult it is to find a significant other. and it'll be even more difficult to find the perfect match.


however, when i think of my future i always picture me being with that perfect person. hahhaa. i haven't lost hope yet. :nice:

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mwhahaha it's the same here, Grace:wacko:


I'm a dreamer....faaaaaaar too much. That's why I usually fail in real life. I watched "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie" yesterday...I never understod why people love this film so much...so I didn't want to love it...but now I do, because I am exactly like her...how she dreams of love and fails in reality (at first...) oh my God

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Guest Grace

^ hahaha, applies to me, too.


sometimes i think i'm a total (lazy) loser.

i can't be bother about school, i skip classes a bit too often (i'm not that bad at school, though) and i know i could do everything so much better.

i've got to write a few articles because it's actually all i do (and wanna do) - write. but still i cannot make myself sit in front of my laptop and type words that are meant to be read. i don't know why. i'm given this great opportunity that people are actually going to see my stuff and i'm still not motivated. haha.


instead, i spend my days dreaming away. and most of the time i just sit around and hang out and try to enjoy myself. i'm quite a loser and i'm aware of that, but i wouldn't wanna change anything. i mean, i do get my stuff finished even if i have to stay up all night. [we're probably getting a bit off topic right now.] and i know i hate school.


i just want to be a free spirit. i want to do what i want to do and i don't want to be tangled up in a system of paper chasers. eugh. it's difficult.

in fact, i'd love to stay home all day and get drunk with friends. :laugh3:



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I don't think it's too off-topic.


I see myself in that position, as well. My problem is not even that I am not motivated. I just don't see many possibilities for the things I want to do everyday...I would play the saxophon if I could every day...but I can't in my f***ing small flat in Bonn...I only can do it at the weekends when I am at home...I want to play tennis again...but I can't in Bonn, because there is nobody to play with me and I am not good enough anymore to join a group of players there...


for some reason the band project I have is currently failing...


I want to study playing the clarinet much harder, but there is the same problem like the saxophon problem...


so after all I rather waste my time on the internet when I get home from work. Or I meet with friends....which is fun...but somehow it is not fulfilling...It'd be fulfilling if I could do what I REALLY want to do...and this is why I want to finish that freaking apprenticeship as fast as I can...and get out of this town and find a home.


I miss my hobbies so much....it hurts and I hate myself for being so lazy.

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i see i am not the only one thinking about future and past now.... today i was thinking about how my life would have been if i would have had some sibilings and it brought me to more or less the same point i am now so i think it would had made a difference although keep thinking about it may be is some kind of sign....


anyways la dolce vita for my future would be (depends how far we think about future and since when we consider it):


would be to finish uni, start the second degree, colaborate on some local press on the cultural section, form a band and experiment there, publish my writings, get to be recognized by critics and companions and also respected, but do my own life, that is get to be with my soulmate and be happy together, having some kids (currently i think about 4 kids :wacko: but i dunno who that soulmate would be, surely someone with clear eyes and dark hair). man i dream too much :wacky:


so i'd like to can have a happy family, also i'd like to be able to do other "social" stuff, like start a fundation to build, repair and reuse some old buildings like castles, monasteries and stuff like that and adapt those as hotels or youth camps, so would be in use, people would know the importance of the building and will mean job offers to the region.

in case the music, writing, arts skills in general bring me to the need, i would organize some talent events/awards to promote new artist, and so i would start my own producer enterprise to publish my works, just because i want to be my own boss even if it requires lots of investment from me (money and time), i don't like much autority and orders.


about where to live i don't really care as long as it will be relaxing and i will be with my beloved people, but i'd like to have a home in my hometown and my parents hometown too, too bad i can't have a home in La Azohia. :(


thinking about my soulmate, must be someone really special, because it won't be easy to be with me, i fear... :lol:


that's my ideal now, and since long time ago (may be with some variations), yet i think i am far from it and seeing my age surely i will never get it, but i'm happy dreaming i will, although i do work for it i think i should do more.


la vie en rose, life is a long jounery and you can't be sure how it will end, in the meantime just enjoy it the best, because roses do have thorns too, just be aware of it and viva la vida. ;)

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Guest Grace

man, i can't wait to have a family.


aaah. i get all tingly thinking about it. haha.


i can't wait to have this family life. raising the kiddos, trying to get back to work. might be very stressful, but i think that kids are positive stress.

you know, have your parents over on christmas day, spending time with your husband in front of the fire. :laugh3:

i can be a dreamer, too. :nice:

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