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What would you do if you were WebMaster of the board for 1 week ?


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Guest LiquidSky
what would you do viri? :P as webmastress



I think it's better if you don't know :surprised:

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i'm thinking, if i were webmaster i would re-activate the forced ignore users/threads option to avoid pointless fightings, and may be even delete those "popularity" contests which always end in fights..... :dozey:


we can't love or hate everybody if you dislike someone just ignore them, and go on.


to have some fun and to fill our popularity need we already have the Prom King & Queen poll yearly ;)


and may be i would bring back the bling and the social network thingie.


and for sure i would bring back the slogan that the board had when i joined it "The Friendly Board" and put on sticky the forum rules to avoid problems and pointless argueings.


but as i firstly said, it would depend on how :evil: or :wings: i feel.

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