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V-2003 Downloads??????


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Hey Everyone could you please help me. I was wondering if anyone has any V-2003 Mp3 downloads. I downloaded some off http://www.coldplay.org and they were very good. They were "Politik", "Amsterdam", "In my place", "Shiver", "The scientist", and "Yellow" but does anyone have the full set or anymore of the set that i dont have??????? If you do have then please tell how to get them!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

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Thank you noni for the v2003 downloads!!!!! If anyone gets anymore of the set then could you be kind enough to let me know. It would be great to get the full set as i was there at chelmsford for v2003, and it was amazing!!!!!! Thanks everyone for replying, and let me know if you can get anymore downloads, thank you

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There's another web who has 3 songs more from that gig (Daylight, Everything's not lost' and 'What a wonderful world')




I discover it on the official message board. I'm sure Ian knows that web of Dan...


thanx a bunch venassa - good find , i only just noticed your post today :wink3: well done



HTTT :sneaky:

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Guest LiquidSky

All I have are

- Amsterdam

- Yellow

- Daylight

- Everything's not lost

- In my place

- Politik

- Shiver

- The Scientist

- What a wonderful World...


Which one am I missing? :huh:

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