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I have some news about CM ( mariana )


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Some of you might know her but mariana has been telling some people espicially on the 'post pics of chris thread' that she is going into surgery and well i think she has gone because before her surgery we have been speaking on msn and

she has been telling all about her surgery and that the surgeon said that 'she might have a 30 % chance of living '

and she hasnt been on for a week and i send her emails and she hasn't replied. which when i do send her email she replys in the next 10 minutes also i go on her page and check her last post she made and that was a week ago. Im really worried and i feel bad for making this big assumtion and if it turns out wrong you all will defintly hate me for saying this but i had to tell you. Shes a close friend of mine and we've been chatting for 4 months and she is such a lovely girl and only 17. She was supposed to come to the wembley show for the 19th and then to picnik in the park on the 20th then we were gonna meet each other for the first time. She had to cancel the tickets and the flight due to her heart surgeon adviced her it wouldn't been suitable to go in her condition. I really hope nothing has happened to her through surgery. And she kept telling me that the day of when she goes to surgery it would be her last. Im scared if that is true now. :cry::cry::cry:


I hope that she is well and safe so this thread is rather pointless but i wanted to inform incase if it was true. I hope its not. sorry x

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are you girls facebook friends?, maybe you could try to send a message to one of her real life friends, they might now what's happening... maybe it's a bit too much but if you don't have a reply in a long time it's a possibility

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emma :hug:


do you know her full name because then you can try to get information on her


and also don't cry :(


i'm sure she's fine and when she comes back from recovery, she'll be thanking you and extremely appreciative of all the concern that your giving to her curent situation :hug:

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