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this forum is sooo off topic sometimes


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please if you have nothing to say about the subject dont bother us with 1 smilie posts its fucking annoying and so off topic..there is a general thread in this forum and there is a general forum where you can do your random shit like one smilie posts hello sista how are ya posts etc etc but dont bother us with it cos its annoying and i just wanna have it on topic here..so if ya have nothing to say dont post just go and post ya smilie somewhere else...otherwise ill send ian an pm


thank you if you are reading this!! *sigh*

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i feel slighty annoyed and i mean ppl in general...this place used to be so on topic and now its all going dead and i just got complaints from 3 ppl on here im really close with so i thought i'd say something about it..and well im also a moderator well not of this forum but ginger isnt here so someone has to say it

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sorry my sis!!! are you angry about me now? i don't hope so....damn....i don't know how to say it now.I'll try to stop it but please don't be angry now.......... :confused:


keep on coldplaying...



im not angry at you guys...it is just annoying me a little bit.. there has been so many thread about this and soo mant threads made for ppl who feel like talking random and stuff but they all ignore it so ppl feel annoyed after soo long

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ian made a post about it once and since im a moderator i have to make sure everything stays on topic too since ginger isnt here and i am im doing it so either your dissing what i said or not im still saying what i said in the first post of this thread.. do it in a general thread or general forum but not in here..in here we talk about guy berryman or and not how your sisters are doing or how much ya missed someone or not ..just guy talk no bla bla bla -ing...well guy talk in the guy threads anyways..i made a general thread in here a while back so the bla bla bla-ing is for in there really..see it like the coldplaying airplane in the general forum that worked so why would this work eh :rolleyes:


anyways thanks for listening again hope this time you understand :rolleyes:

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