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I need someone who can do an album artwork for my cd! :D


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Okay, so I need someone who can write a text for my new song!

The title is: Time Only Knows


I already got the two first sentences:

Wars can not stop, like a day goes by

Love only ends when she says goodbye


Thanks a lot to help me!

You can just try to make some sentences not the whole song!

Thank you very much!


(And sorry for my english)

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It's not really your song if other people write it for you.


he is a musician, just he thinks he can't write lyrics (i think he has not tried it much and fear it won't be good), if other people write the lyrics (partially) for him, it won't make him be less of a musician ;) as he has worked on the melody already (which i guess is the case).

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I'd say instead of some one of us writing the lyrics for you, we could help you with maybe getting some inspiration. As ariadnasquire said, maybe you just fear that your lyrics aren't that good but musicians improve. I really like your first two lines so I'm pretty certain you will get the other how many other lines as well. Maybe you just need some inspiration or what people feel like listening to your song.

And if that doesn't work, maybe the song only needs two lines? Call me insane but in my opinion sometimes art decides for you and maybe this is the case here. ;)

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Thanks for your answer!

But I don't think that these two lines are enough!

It's very hard to think when you stuck in lyrics you've written!

So if you can help I appreciate a lot!

Okay, first: I know songs with less than two lines and they are good. ;)

I'm a writer myself (no lyrics though) and know how it feels to be stuck. But I try to keep working. Either I read what I have over and over again and look if there is something coming into my mind or I try to think of the feeling I had having the idea or the feeling I want to express.

When you play the song and sing the lines over the music, maybe you find another line and then another.


And the most improtant thing about writing:

Take your time.


Of course I could think of some lines for you but I think you would be much happier and more proud of you when you work it out yourself. Just my opinion. :)

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you're maybe right!

But I started this song maybe two months ago and inspiration for the text flew away! ^^

Like I said I d'ont want you to write this song but maybe one or two ideas/sentences to help me get through this hole I'm in! ^^

Thanks in advance! :D

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  • 1 month later...

Hi everybody!

My song is finished and it will be published the 25th of october!

I haven't recorded in a studio but I think it sounds good! :D

Anyway I'm searching someone who can create a picture of what my CD will look like! :D

Something related to time! :D As you can imagine the name of this Cd will be "Time Only Knows" and my artist name is Ols!

Can someone do that for me? :D

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Okay, thanks for you help!

Here are the lyrics:

Wars can not stop like a day goes by

Love only ends when she says goodbye

I loved her I can not lie

But now it's time for my love to fly



Will I be able to go away

Far from this unreality

Can love spred upon humanity

Time only knows...


Must find a way to end this fight

Escaping from this last hour

To keep trusting for a daylight

Rising by the love of her



Destiny isn’t written on the wall

Only love can save us all



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