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alex kava and her thrilling books!!!


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i actually read only one of her books called 'a perfect evil' just becuz it`s the only one available in poland now but i can`t wait till the 2nd one 'split second' comes out in november!!


she already wrote and released 4 novels in the usa.


i sooo luffed 'a perfect evil' and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes exciting thrillers that have a huge bit of psychology in. i`m tellin ya ppl this book is full of surprises and i noticed a great thing about it: while i was reading it (and it`s pretty long, almost 500 pages) i never ever thought about anything else but what`s happening in the book. cuz sometimes you read stuff and think about someffin totally different but not this time!


alex kava is on her best way to become my fav writer!


phew that was long but i had to let it out!

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