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Drug Raid Takes Back Seat to Nintendo Wii

Matter-Eater Lad

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:laugh3: the video is on the website.


You know how every holiday season the stores all sell out of Nintendo Wiis? Well, that's because they're so awesome -- just ask the cops in Polk County, Fla.


In the midst of a drug raid on a house that apparently took nine full hours and cost $4,000, cops apparently were distracted by Wii bowling. Reports say they started the game up within 20 minutes of entering the house and spent hours playing it.


The incident is being investigated after it was caught on the drug dealer's security camera, though it should be noted that some cops were looking for drugs at the same time. (Also, in fairness, Wii bowling is super-fun.)


For a more in-depth look, check out this local news report.



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I'm patiently waiting for the day one of these drug raids is on a booby-trapped house and the cops meet their end courtesy Alfred Nobel.


Then the owner of the property would be deemed a "trr'st" and carted to jail for not letting the friendly men in costumes violate his property rights.

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