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Does anyone know what brand of militray cap Chris is currently wearing?


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Hi Lucy,


I tried to google "Volcop caps" on the Internet, and I found an army green cap (very much like, but not 100% identical with Chris') here:




I also found 2 green caps at http://www.zappos.com (Brand>Volcom>Accessories>Men's hats.


Hope that this can be of any help to you. :)

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Thanks for posting a pic, Andy...now can you clever Coldplayers help me find it online? I am looking everywhere!

i found it online once a couple of months back & i'm 99.9% sure it's a Volcom cap.

but it seems to be an older discontinued cap design & was Out Of Stock/Print on the online store i found it on...which makes it even harder to locate, imo.


i'll update with the link if i can find it at all anymore.


as for the comment about the cap being similar to what's sold on the band's online shop, i've seen the actual cap & it isn't quite close, but it's different in that the Volcom diamond isn't there (obviously) & the Viva La Vida text is on it instead & the cap's size is adjustable, which i don't think Chris' cap is.

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