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Lost! Drum instrumental...?

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I started making one but Fruity Loops isn't the best programme to use for sequencing full drum tracks for a whole song, well, the demo version isn't anyway. I'll try and have another go another time. Do you need it urgently?

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The bass drum pattern changes during the chorus, though. I was trying to get some hi-hats to come in on the third verse, but I was having trouble switching from the chorus measure to the verse measure, and un-muting the hi-hats at the same time. I dont suppose the hats are essential though; there aren't cymbals in this until the ride comes in for the guitar solo at the end. I wish I could afford a Mac so I could use Logic Pro.

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Thanks a lot, but i'm not getting a computer until xmas (if you're wondering, I'm on my iPod.), and I can only use my dad's computer for about fifteen minutes every two days.

I can't install logi pro, cause I don't know my dad's pass (I go on guest account and when installing new progrmmes, it asks for admin's password.) so, it would be greatly appreciated if you wold post a link to an mp3 file of it please.

I really would make my own, but as you can see, I can't right now.



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