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This guy is amazing! I remember studying his book 'The Arrival' last year for English. I was lost in the images of that book, it was something so new. It's a masterpiece really. He's unique, skilled and captures the 'weird and wonderful' brilliantly. Yet he makes its so very familiar.

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I think at the moment there is a theatre adaption of The Arrival on at sydney.


Wrong side of the country! I'm in WA. :( Maybe i'll do some research and see if they're playing it in WA, as that's where Shaun Tan grew up.


*edit* Okay, I'm 4 years too late, it was on during 2006 and "The Arrival was well received by audiences of both adults and children, and was named ‘Best Production’ for 2006 at the Perth Theatre Trust/Actors Equity Guild Award."

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