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"ticke"ed off at Coldplay...


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So, I just found out I have Lyme disease and I think I got it by being bitten by a tick while seeing Coldplay in Pittsburgh out on the lawn....how crazy is that? I never saw a tick, but that's the only time I was outdoors for a long period of time in a "wooded" area the past few months.


I'm really not ticked off at all at the boys, just find it very ironic..:laugh3:


Still love my brothers from other mothers. :)

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Lyme Disease is pretty serious, I think. I've done some research on it now, but I still have to laugh that it was probably at Coldplay when I got bitten by a tick...hence being "tick"ed off. :)


Anyway, there's a chance I got bitten more recently as well, but I've been pretty sick now for about 3-4 months and couldn't really figure it out until this week when I got diagnosed. I may not have gotten bitten at Pittsburgh, but I'd like to think I was since that would be a great story to tell! hahaha


I think I'll make a t-shirt like, "I went to see Coldplay and all I got was lousy Lyme Disease." hahaha Anyway, I'm sure I'll be fine, just thought other Coldplayers might enjoy the possible irony of the situation. :)

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