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Juliejulle's Journey Diary. Part 3. The Wembley story!!


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Juliejulle's Journey Diary - My trip to see Coldplay at Wembley 2009

Written by: Julie (Juliejulle), Photos by: Sanne and Julie


This diary is an open letter about my exciting week before going to Coldplay’s finale concert on the Viva la Vida tour, taking place at Wembley Stadium in the UK… It started with me being depressed at monday for not going to see Coldplay at Wembley stadium, since it was the last show on the Viva tour. Then thuesday night I suddenly won two tickets to see Coldplay on Saturday night. Wooaaw!... At first I thought that I was dreaming, but it was all real. In the end it turned out to be me and a friend’s journey from Denmark to England. A journey with the pleasures of meeting nice people, spending time with the posh people, meeting a very strange boy, seeing other Coldplayers, seeing butterflies, finding a red Ferrari, making fun and experincing strange things... After I got home I decided that I too must add some words about how it is to be home after such trip...

This is my story:




Part 3. The Wembley story!!!


20th of September. Approximatly 1.00 am:


Zzzzzz... in Heatrow: We’re sitting in Heathrow airport now, more precisely a coffee shop in Heathrow airport. We took the tube to get here, right after The Wembley show. It is very calm here. In the coffee shop there is a person that is sleeping in a sofa, another is sleeping in another sofa, then there is a person sleeping in a chair behind me and Sanne is sleeping in a chair on the other side of the table I’m sitting at... Then there is some people, that sit and chat a bit with each other outside the coffeeshop at the large group of grey plastic seats. Now and then there is some stewardets walking by the coffee shop and now and then a person comes in to the shop to buy something... As I said it is very calm around here. No wonder though, as it nighttime and most people lay in bed and visit the land of dreams from there. I must admit that I now and then, as I sit here and wonder what to write about, is about to fall asleep a bit....... on the other hand, I'm still excited about the Wembley concert and the fact that I now finally have time to write in the Journey diary - therefor I can't sleep entirely. :laugh3:


Here is a photo of my surrounding :lol:... psst.. Sanne is sleeping :laugh3: :



Wembley, here we are!: We arrived to the Wembley tubestation about 2pm and walked from the station, through the city, to Wembley station. It was very easy to find the stadium area due to streetsigns and people wearing Coldplay shirts :dance: :laugh3:


Lovely, Isn't it? Nice: :



The Coldplayers: As we walked around outside Wembley stadium, we noticed some Coldplayers wearing the yellow Coldplayers's Wembley shirt. They were waiting in the line to the standing area. It looked like they had a nice time... Sanne and I didn't feel like saying hello, since we wasn't a part of the group, so we walked on... Maybe next time we will be a part of the group.. :)


Is this you? :laugh3: :



My lovely Jonny cap: Sanne and I walked over to two of the Coldplay merchandice shops. I bought a lovely Jonny/Chris army inspired cap... one that I adore! :heart: :nice:





"B2 – That's Club Wembley!!!": As we had walked a bit around we decided to find our entrance. We were supposed to stand at the B2 entrance... We found B02 and thought this must be it. We got a bit secure though as we waited. We asked ourself: "Is this really the place for us to be? Maybe B2 and B02 isn't the same...". To get our question answered we needed a worker to the stadium. We spotted an "orange-coated" worker across the street and Sanne walked his way to have a chat with him. She told him that we had tickets to B2 and asked if this B02 entrance was the same as B2. Then the worker told her: "B2 – That's Club Wembley!!!" Sanne was surpriced to see his reaction and she allready knew by his first words that this was the wrong place for us to stand and we must have tickets to some place special! At this moment I still wonder if the workers reaction to the mention of B2 was because he would have done anything to get such tickets or that he couldn't figure out why we had such tickets... It will be an unsolved mystery for me. :laugh3:


Wembley's labyrinth: The worker that Sanne had chocked with the mention of B2 must have gathered himself, cause he told her the direction to the B2 entrance. Sanne and I went on a little walk to get there. We walked, and walked, and walked and found the other Club Wembley entrances, but not ours. We almost walked a round around Wembley stadium as we decided to ask another worker for direction. She told us that we should go back and then we would find it... so we did. We asked a third worker as we got to the place where it was supposed to be.. and he told us the usefull news that we would get there if we walked down the stairs at the big statue... and so we did. :confused:


Club Wembley and the workers dressed in nice suits: We walked over to the big statue of a footballplayer and walked down the stairs. Here it was. We saw a nice looking entrance with a sign saying Club Wembley, B2. We also noticed some security guys in nice suits standing in front of the entrance... Ah, we realised that we had got tickets to spend time in an exclusive part of the stadium. We walked over to a fence and asked the nice dressed men if this were the right place for us to stand... It was. As we stood there, we had a chat with some of the fine dressed men and it was a enjoyable time while waiting... :o... :dance: :nice:


Check it out, me and my new Club Wembley friends in the background :cool::laugh3: :



My Viva la vida shirt and Coldplay Badges: The bad side of the situation was that Sanne felt a little bad with the way we were dressed compared to the other people and the workers standing at the Club Wembley entrance. I understood that she felt so. We never thought that it would be such a nice place we would have tickets to. On the other hand this was a Coldplay concert, so I told her something like: "Allright, maybe we aren't that fine dressed, but I am wearing a Coldplay Viva la vida tour shirt and Coldplay badges and nothing can beat that right now!"... I know that I was right! :cool:


Our time in Club Wembley: As it was time to let us in to Club Wembley, we got through a security check, and was told to go up a couple of escalators. For every floor we went up we were welcomed by some fine dressed workers. The surroundings were light and bright. At one of the floors I noticed a monument of an Olympic torch. As it was few seconds I got to have a look on it, I can't recall in my memory wheather it is a monument to the The Olympic Games 2012 or it is a monument in the memory of an earlier Olympic game. There was a sign, and as far as I can remember it told that the Olympic torch monument was in the memory of The Olympic Games 1948, which were held in London... Right now, I'm not shure... It looked cool anyway! :cool:


Thousands of red seats: As we entered the stadium the first thoughts that came to my mind was: "WOAAW!! - How beautiful it looks with thousands of red seats glimering in the sun as a red ocean and this place is hugh! This view is incredible!" :happy2:


See, what I see?:







White Lies, Love them!: Ah, White Lies. They were so great! I think that last night's gig is the best I have heard from them so far! I love Coldplay even more due to the fact that they chose WL to support them on their tour! :heart: :)


Me and WL :) :



Oh... So, Club Wembley, B2 is a VIP area?!!!: Later on, we realized that not only was these seats special because of the beautiful view. No, these seats at Club Wembley's B2 entrance is special, because some of the VIPs sit here. For example: Two or three rows in front of us sat some very fine dressed gentlemens. You could see that they were VIPs. Sanne and I are sure that they are famous English sportsmen, but we are not sure who... We took a picture of the three gentlemen and will ask people if they know, who the mystery men are... Maybe you guys can help us if we show a picture of them.... We would like to solve the mystery... :dance: :nice:... :thinking:


The mystery men.. Do you know them? :thinking::laugh3: :



Girls aloud - I'm not a fan: After White Lies and a bit of waiting time, it was time to Girls Aloud. I had not much good expectations to their show... My predictions were right. Bahhh!... Maybe I enjoyed one of their songs, but otherwise I didn't like their music at all... and I chose that now was the time to go to the toilet and to buy snacks for me and Sanne... The fine dressed gentlemen sitting in front of us seemed to like the show a bit though... Maybe they know the bandmembers?... :stunned::bomb::wreck:..:thinking:


I agree, Jay - Z is brilliant!: Allready at the first moments of Jay-Z's show, seeing the first stage light and getting the first sounds the band played, I was convinced that Jay – Z's gig would be special and great. With such show he sure showed the audience that he is a great musician, a pleasant person and one of the best rappers in the world. There was so many special moments to remember... One was when he looked out to the audience and told some that he could see them... For example: "I see you in the .... shirt" or "I see that sign, it says:..." and nobody will forget his lovely laugh. Woooaw! I think his show was incredibly good and I loved every part of it!:dance: :thumbsup: :happy2:


Our beloved Coldplay: Coldplay's show was incredible. People say all those lovely words about them and I would only repeat them by saying something good about Coldplay's Wembley gig. To bring something new I can only tell that Coldplay's Wembley gig was every positive thing that have been said about them and then even better than that! :happy2: :heart: :dance: :thumbsup:


Noooooo, my damn phone is dead!: As we went to Wembley I knew that there wasn't much power left on the battery of my phone... The problem was that I couldn't get it reloaded anywhere. I had to be carefull not to use to much power before the Wembley shows so I could have enough power to take pictures and record videos on my phone during Coldplay's gig. It seemed good as I could take pictures and record videos of Wembley before the gig, White Lies' show and Jay – Z's show. Then it was time to Coldplay. I was very nervous as my phone didn't give me much hope to keep itself awake. Unfortunatly my phone only kept itself alive to record "In my place", to stay alive during "Glas of water" and to keep holding on while I was recording "Yellow". Half way through "Yellow" it said goodbye... I was like: NOOOOOOO!!! There was nothing to do... Luckely Sanne had a good camera and she took some good pictures and recorded small videos.

I don't know what I would have done without her J I tried to revive my phone a couple of times... but it wouldn't listen to my wish. At last it succeded me to revive my phone for some seconds while Coldplay played on the B-stage and I got one nice photo from their show. :o:cry:... :)


My only photo of Coldplay in Wembley.. Sorry to those I promised more :cry: :



Here is a picture from Sanne:



Here is a video Sanne recorded of our sing along to Fix you :wacky: :laugh3: :

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR0hM04MMEE]YouTube - Coldplay - Fix you @ Wembley, September 19th 2009[/ame]


The boy with busy hands, who thought my seat was his property"... or... "The funny boy, who didn't think at all when he used his busy hands": During Coldplay's gig was the most people, around us standing and maybe dancing. Sanne and I stood up too. At some point in the middle of Coldplay's show something strange and very funny happened to me. The young man, who sat in the seat in front of me stretched his arms all over the place, where I would have been if I sat down in my seat.... More weird was that he kept strenging his arms all over place. He didn't notice at all if I sat there or not... After some time I looked at him with a confused mime. Sanne looked at me and told me that she thought it looked weird and she was too wondering why his hands was all over the place where my seat could have been... I thought it began to become very fun... Spontaneously I looked down to the boy and took my hands to the side like I was wondering what he was doing and then I pretended that I was shaking hands with him - That made Sanne and the guy sitting next to her laughing out loud. The guy sitting next to sanne, who we don't know who was, had also begun to notice the boy's busy hands and expresed his wonder to the boy's maybe unconscious behaviour... I think after about ten minutes of hands all over my place – exercise, the boy with the busy hands must have got tirred of filling out two seats from two rows... and he moved his hands for good... Oh my, what was wrong with that boy?... We had much fun while getting in contact with him and his busy hands! :confused:... :laugh3::lol::laugh3::lol::laugh3:


The wembley audience was a talented audience!: During "Yellow" it was decided by Coldplay that the Wembley audience should participate in a "Idol – show" and act with their best sing along talent in front of the panel of "Idol – judges", including Simon Cowell. The audience had no choice not to, but was with the challenge. They did an amazing sing along, but Simon Cowell was not pleased... He thought it was "absolutely horrible". He even talked bad about Chris Martin's hair!!! Then Chris Martin convinced Simon to give the audience another chance. This time the audience did all they had in them and it sounded even more amazing. Simon Cowell apparently thought so to... and the Wembley audience was accepted as a talented audience! :cool:


The butterflies that enjoyed to fly: The butterflies that was released during "Lovers in Japan" kept flying in the air throughout many songs... I was looking on the incredible view of all the audience, when I noticed that thousands of the butterflies was still flying in the air some time after "Lovers in Japan" had finished – It looked as nice as it sounds! :)


Here is a picture Sanne shot when the butterflies was released:



The fireworks!: The fireworks during "Fix you" was surpricing and lovely. The fireworks at the very end of the Wembley gig was hugh and amazingly beautiful. The fireworks that night was the top of the delicious Coldplay icecream that had been served to the audience at that very special night at Wembley stadium! It have "left the sweetest taste in my mouth..." :nice:


The album: I was very happy as Chris Martin informed the audience that there would be an LRLRL-album for the audience as they would leave the concert. I had been so thrilled about going to the show, that I had forgotten everything about that the audience would get an album... When the show sadly finished and we walked out of the stadium, then we were ready to look out for the place were they would be handed out. I thought it would be so lovely to get a Coldplay album after a Coldplay gig at Wembley stadium!


I asked a worker at Club Wembley if they knew where it would be handed out. As far as she knew, there was no more of them. I thought that there could still be a chance that they would have them outside the stadium though, but I was afraid that if it had been a possibility to get an album at another entrances, then it would be too late for us to get the album.... It was confusing and depressing, but if it would be the case that there wasn't anymore of them, then there was nothing to do and I could accept that..


As we got out of Club Wembley, up the stairs and walked down the road from Wembley stadium to get to the tube station, I looked a bit around to see if there would be a place where they still handed out albums... Ironically I couldn't avoid to see them being handed out by several people as we walked there... and there wasn't many people around them either. I got an album for me and Sanne... and I was giving more as we walked away from Wembley! Those will be for the friends, who didn't have the opportunity to get the LRLRL- album. I was happy! :D


The album, Smashed in a puddle: I was very happy that it had succeded me in finding the place where the albums had been handed out, but I couldn't go away from there without noticing that about 10 albums lay on the ground smashed, in puddles and with people standing on them... I was horrified! How could anybody let them become like that?!?... I don't know if it could have been those who handed them out or it was some audiences that had been there to recieve some albums, who had dropped some albums in the hurry – I can't see why anybody of either part couldn't bother. Even though there was alot of albums there when I left it is no good excuse to just drop and smash some of them to get rid of them fast. The album is sooo good and there is so many that couldn't get one, who would have jumped over and saved the albums before they hit the ground if they had had the possibility.... I would have loved to save those albums from getting smashed, so I could give it to some people, who would loved to get them... Damn ungratefull people! :veryangry2:


Time for a late night celebration: Back when Sanne and I walked out of Club Wembley I noticed something quit cool by the way. I noticed that there was a stylish, bright assembly hall with a wall of glass to the side that pointed out to Club Wembley. Colorfull light lit up the room and a band was playing some music just inside the room... Awww, it was the After Party!!! As we walked to the escalator, I wondered for a moment if I should stop Sanne and tell her: "Sanne. Look. It's the afterparty! Should we try to see if we are aloud to get in?", but I let her go to the escalator and I followed her... I looked up at the nice room as we were lead down the escalator... I thought that even though we didn't get to the After Party, then it is pretty cool, that we walked just outside the party and could have a briefly sight of it... :cool::laugh3:


Thank you Coldplaying.com and Absolute Radio :heart: :



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Great review Julie, we were sitting right in front and to the left of you in block 205, in fact you can see us in one of your pics, ( in the yellow T shirts )






Thank you - I'm glad to know that you liked it :D


Oh my, so cool that you sat right there, so close to us and got on some of the photos we took.. Really cool :cool::laugh3:


I got another photo of you then... One where you are more noticable.. It is a picture my friend took.. :laugh3::lol: I will post it inhere soon so you can check it out :laugh3:

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Nice, detailed and interesting story!

You are a lucky girl!


Thank you for your review of my story :thumbsup: Good words! :D


... and yes, I am indeed a lucky girl and I appreciate it ;)

This diary is a bit of a thank you to those, who gave me the tickets..

To show that I'm happy for my price and what I used it for ;)

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Juliejulle's Journey Diary. Part 3. WEMBLEY


Thanks for your Journey Diary. It was very interesting and readable "from start to finish". Not one single dull moment.


Consider being an author - you definitely have a talent for writing - not only the rhyming part of it. :D Evaluation: 12 out of 12 according to the new scale!

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Thanks for your Journey Diary. It was very interesting and readable "from start to finish". Not one single dull moment.


Consider being an author - you definitely have a talent for writing - not only the rhyming part of it. :D Evaluation: 12 out of 12 according to the new scale!


Aww... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :heart: :hug:

I love your review of my diary! :wacky: :D

That is a very great review to get, all those golden words :D

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  • 2 weeks later...
Great work Julie with the diary Julie :)

- And once again, thank you sooooo much for a fantastic weekend with the best band ever :heart:



Thank You.. Glad you like the final version :D :dance:

.. and I say thank you as well ;)

It wouldn't have been the same trip without you :hug:

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The part about 'The Album, Smashed In A Puddle' made me so sad I almost cried. I would KILL for a real physical copy of LRLRL, and people vandalising them like that just makes me weep. :(


Awesome review though. Lovely pictures!



Yes, it made me shocked, sad and angry as well, as I saw the brutality with the handeling of the albums... how could they?!? :(

I thought of people, who didn't get an album... just like you.. :(:cry:


By the way I'm glad that You like my review/diary and the pictures. Thank you :hug: :)

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