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"PC brigade" ban Halloween masks for being too scary


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The PC brigade ban Halloween masks for being too scary



By Paul Thompson

Last updated at 8:05 AM on 31st October 2009



article-1224079-070620A7000005DC-584_233x499.jpg Many schools in the US are urging children to portray historical characters at Halloween rather than past favourites, such as Dracula


The American tradition of dressing up for Halloween has been hit by political correctness.


Children have been told not to dress up as scary characters for fear their masks might actually frighten someone.


One California school has banned children from wearing fake fingernails while toy weapons of any kind, such as a pirate's cutlass, have been completely ruled out.


Even youngsters at a primary school named after Walt Disney - the creator of such characters as the Wicked Witch from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - have been told to tone down their costumes for their annual parade.


Children at the Walt Disney Elementary School in Burbank, Los Angeles, have been instructed to wear 'moderate' face paint, and masks of any kind are not allowed.


Many schools in the US are urging children to portray historical characters rather than past favourites, such as Dracula.


Education chiefs in many states have imposed the costume rules as they do not want to create stereotypes.

They are also worried that younger children will be scared by some of the costumes.


Halloween night, October 31, is a popular tradition in the US when children dress up in spooky costumes and go door-to-door to 'trick or treat'.


This year's celebrations were hit with controversy when an adult 'illegal alien' costume made up of a mask, a prison style orange jump suit and green card went on sale at several supermarkets.






Immigration groups complained about the costume which was hastily withdrawn from sale.


Masks of jailed financier Bernard Madoff and president Barack Obama are said to be among the most popular among adults.

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