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Viva Painting?

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Hey All...


Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on painting in the style of the Viva Paintings?

I mean like...how to get the splattery messy (but wonderful) paint effect, or anything!


I'm really stuck here!

I've been trying for weeks, and it's looking bleak.


So, if anyone can point me into the right track, it would be massively appreciated...thanks.

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But acrylics works fine for such designs. Your problem is the wrong color combination or the design or what?


My problem?


I'ts just getting the effect. I just can't seem to master the sort of messy effect they got.

Whenever I do it, it seems too fake.

The colour scheme is not a problem

And I've got the arrangement of the words quite well.


I Guess I just need to figure out how to do it...well.

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You want the design from what guitar? The problem in power painting is - you can't really retrace. Because, simply go to paint and see what happens...

You could try to draw the design and then you take the brush and splashes the color over the whole.

Oh, I wish I could express myself understandable. My English sucks :(

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