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What kind of strings does Chris Martin use?


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Hello everyone


I am the lead singer, guitar player, and piano/synth player for my band and I was just wondering what kind of strings Chris Martin uses for many of the songs on the Live 2003 album. I love the DVD and the CD and listen to them all the time and I made a song similar to Coldplay's style and it would sound great if it just had that ring that Chris Martin's strings have.


Well if anyone knows, it'd be greatly appreciated






P.S. especially on See You Soon, I love how his strings sound

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and well, isn't it more the guitar making the sound, not the strings?

but if you say "strings" = "a 6-string": he used a Martin guitar back then (too many martins :D Chris Martin used Martin guitars and according to QuestionsOfScience he had strung it with Martin strings.)


if you say strings = violins/contra basses/ celli etc.:

1) i don't hear that kind of strings in see you soon.. THAT would be jonny using has thinline + slide + e-bow

2) in other songs they would be digital strings-sounds from yamaha keyboards


if you say strings = the 6 metal strings on a guitar:

phew, dunno... QuestionsOfScience said they're Martins....

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