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Guitar solo books


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I made a Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends guiat solo book about a year ago.

But I'm also going to transcribe more Coldplay books for Guitar solo.


I'm thinking about:


- Parachutes

- A Rush Of Blood To The Head

- X&Y

- Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends | download | PDF - 400kb

- Prospekt's March

- Unreleased Songs

- B-Sides


What you guys think?

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um, stephan, if i may remind you: you wanted to send me a copy of the Parachutes tab book as scans/pdf (or whatever) anyway :D


um, great idea!

if you talk about real solos that are not in the studio versions, start with AROBTTH of live 2003, please ;)


btw, the vlv tab book HAS all the solos (correctly)

- i disagree with you in Chinese sleep chant totally and in lost! you'd have to add the 0 on the high e string everytime

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I'm talking about the studio album versions, live versions can be done later.


And about the Chinese Sleep Chant, it isnt correct as the studio version indeed, I did tab it out from a live version.

Lost! is also tabbed from another version.


EDIT: It's hard to scan them now.. maybe later or I try something else.

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