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Myslovitz - Sound Of Solitude


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  • 2 months later...

Yeah, I was there last month :D I thought it was beautiful (well considering the fact I was on a Holocaust-theme journey...) - I really miss Poland now!


IT'S TOO DAMN COLD THOUGH! :angry: How can you stand it?! lol I hardly survived 8 days without freezing to death with 6 tops on + a coat every day.. :embarrased: lol

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I love Myslovitz. They actually remind me of a polish coldplay. They're fantastic. I went to Poland during the summer and picked up a couple of their cd's, wish I had gotten more though.


THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!


finally somone else on the board who knows about them. :D

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yay *pees her pants* you were in auschwitz then right?? that`s not far away from where i live. you should have visited me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and it`s not that cold... i wear a jacket ala keanu reeves. no coats untill it`s 0 C muahahahahahahahhaha :P but for reals i do wear a coat when the temperature is below 5 C. today it was around 9 C so i wore a sweater and my keanu reeves jacket which was open all the time. :D i`m used to cold weathers but summers can be really hot in herrrrre.

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