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Spaghetti, Bathead&Butthead, Jaffa, Swiss, Miss, Hiss, Shiba Inu from SH2 talk here Thread! But EVER


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This is like because we like all kept going off topic in threads and turning into our own little chat threads so like I made this TOTALLY COOL thread where we can basically just make it a pointless chat thread anyway without having to worry about being off topic!

also it's because I TOTES love you all gaiz and think ur ttly awesum and we shuld manifest our awesumness in this thread cuz we are awesum. :hug: but no homo bro


and no I'm not going to list who belongs with these stupid names because its our friend group secrit! LoL


But anyone's welcome to join in! it might seem uninviting despite having a long list of names of people who should be the ones meant to be talking in here but i'm sure they'll let you post too :D:D:D


EDITED i forgot something because my pet dog farted in my face and i got distracted.


EDITED AGAIN i have such bad memory hurp durp :awesome:

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Does everyone have to bloody ask who they wanted to be? That's not the point. Emp3 can be the Jaffa retard if he wants, rudy can be the Butthead for even ASKING to be a Butthead.. Everyone else would suck if they got what they want.


You know, where it says but everyone is welcome, it could be saying somebody named Everyone Is Welcome is not allowed


I don't have enough space for that in the title, unless you mean in the first post, that would be lol


this is like, the 6th thread mocking talk threads.

the first one was funny, but who cares, honestly?


Not to my knowledge, but hey, I like poking fun at Loungers at times

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