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FAULTY Towers?


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Faulty towers: Grotty Grosvenor in Blackpool voted filthiest hotel in Europe


digg] By Liz Hull

Last updated at 11:30 PM on 24th January 2010



The beauty of the Grosvenor Hotel is that it's within spitting distance of Blackpool Tower.

The bad news for guests is that the windows are so filthy you can hardly see it.

Visitors used TripAdvisor to complain of pokey, smelly rooms, stained bedding, mouldy walls, and beds 'like park benches'.


article-1245721-07FF3D37000005DC-798_634x457.jpg Hotel of horrors: The owners of the Grosvenor say they are now redecorating its 47 rooms



article-1245721-07FF6712000005DC-419_634x440.jpg The grotty exterior of the Grosvenor Hotel, Albert Road, Blackpool, which has been rated the worst in Europe

The comments were backed up with shocking pictures of filthy ceilings, broken toilets and smashed power sockets.

But the Grosvenor - which charges £25 per person per night - is not the only British hotel held up for its lack of cleanliness. Astonishingly, all but two of Europe's worst ten are in the UK.

Of the 33 customers who reviewed the two-star Grosvenor in Albert Road, only three had anything good to say about their stay, with 28 indicating they had a 'terrible' time.

Several visitors said it was the worst hotel they had ever stayed in.



article-1245721-07FEEEED000005DC-85_634x474.jpg The 'view of the tower' from inside the hotel, as the windows are covered in layers of dirt

Despite the hotel claiming that 'cleanliness is our priority', several disgruntled guests wrote that it was 'filthy' and 'disgusting'.

One wrote: 'As I opened the door I was greeted by a damp wall and ceiling, tiles falling from the bathroom ceiling, holes in power sockets which were clearly visible (in a family room), the TV cable was hanging down loose, with no remote control.


'As for the Tower view - the windows were so filthy that we could not even see the road!'

Another said the hotel lift was 'more frightening' than rides at the Pleasure Beach.

Second on the TripAdvisor roll of shame was a hotel in Budoni, Italy, but this is quickly followed by the Park Hotel, in Victoria, London, where guests complained of an 'overwhelming' smell and being bitten by bed bugs.

Dudley Osborn, of the British Hospitality Association, which represents UK hoteliers, admitted there were some 'grotty establishments' in Britain, but warned that TripAdvisor was a subjective website which was open to abuse.


article-1245721-07FEEED8000005DC-259_634x406.jpg A picture of the crust-covered hole in the electric socket in one of the rooms, in a picture taken by a guest



article-1245721-07FEEF00000005DC-657_634x419.jpg The ceiling in one of the rooms at the hotel, a picture taken from a guest review on the TripAdvisor website

'Its reviews are based on anecdotal evidence, they are not an exact science,' he said.

Sunny Khajuria, who bought the Grosvenor six months ago, admitted it was a 'mess' but that they were in the process of renovating.

'There are 47 rooms and we can't do it overnight,' he said. 'We are now putting things right and are in contact with the guests who posted negative views to ask them how they'd like us to improve.'

TripAdvisor sifted through more than 30million evaluations worldwide. It also compiled dirty lists for America, Canada and Asia.

A spokesman said: 'It's hard to believe these absurdly awful places exist, and the fact that these hotels stay in business shows how easily good people get ripped off.'

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