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My foot!! Now Tesco bans shoppers from its supermarkets... for not wearing shoes!!


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Now Tesco bans shoppers from its supermarkets... for not wearing shoes



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:13 PM on 03rd February 2010




article-1248240-0823F203000005DC-929_233x742.jpg Barefooted shopper: Dave Richards


Tesco bosses have banned a barefooted man from one of their stores – just days after barring shoppers from wearing pyjamas.

Dave Richards, who stopped wearing shoes eight years ago after a physiotherapist said it would help cure a limp, was ordered out after managers spotted him in the frozen meats section.

The 47-year-old has been shoeless to rock concerts, funerals and even top restaurants with no problems.


But now retail giants Tesco have put their foot down and banned him from their store in Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

The ban comes a week after a branch of Tesco in St Mellon’s, Cardiff, barred shoppers from wearing their pyjamas in-store.

Mr Richards of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, said the chain is just being ‘uptight’ and ‘snobby’ by dictating what customers can and cannot wear in its stores.

The writer said: ‘They claim it is to do with health and safety.

‘I’ve asked them specifically which health and safety regulation I am breaching. They say it’s because they might offend people, but I’ve got lovely feet.

‘I suspect it’s the perception that my feet might smell, but they don’t. Now I will never set foot, so to speak, in a Tesco store again. I’ll be doing all my shopping in my local Co-op.’

Mr Richards added: ‘It does seem rather unfair. I’ve never had a complaint from a fellow customer while I’ve been shopping.

‘Tesco are just being uptight, and more than a little snobby.’


He went barefoot after he was told that to prevent him developing a limp from a broken leg he should kick off his shoes.

He said: ‘When the physiotherapist first suggested it, I thought, “what a load of rubbish”.

‘So I got on with my life and then when I was 40-ish I began to walk like John Thaw as Inspector Morse and I thought, “Now is the time to give it a go”.



‘So I took my shoes off, cured my limp, and just didn’t put my shoes back on. The only time I have recently was during the cold snap, which I did so very reluctantly.



article-1248240-0823F2BC000005DC-135_468x529.jpg 'Leather soles': Mr Richards was banned from a store in Long Eaton, Derbyshire


‘But I have developed something of a leather sole, and my feet are now so tough you could stub a cigarette out on them.

‘I’ll never look back now, and haven’t found that it’s held me back in any way. I particularly enjoy wearing a dinner suit and being barefoot, which I think is very classy.’

His wife, Jackie, is a fan of his shoe-free lifestyle despite owning an extensive footwear collection herself.

She has even set up a website called thebarefootchef with recipes for people to cook with no shoes on.

A spokesman for Tesco said: ‘Overwhelmingly customers would like other customers to wear shoes in a food store - and we don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.’


article-1248240-081050F7000005DC-321_468x680.jpg Outlawed: Shoppers in pyjamas have been banned from a Tesco store in Cardiff


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