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They Conclude the Cycle in México


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They Conclude the Cycle in México


To end the cycle where it begun, Chris Martin says that they are ready. The quartet has done three stages in Europe and three both in North America and Asia, but Chris Martin considered that they had to conclude the Viva La Vida Tour in México, and even better with dates in Guadalajara, Monterrey and two in México.

“With this tour we have been around the world three times, and the reason why we finish in México is because there is where the record started for us, when we played in México City (in 2007) and we saw the painting of (Frida) Kahlo. It’s from there that the whole Viva La Vida… came out. That’s why we end the tour in México. In one way, it’s a tribute for her, and in another way, a tribute to the best audience in the world”, said Martin.

When the visited the Museo de Frida Kahlo in Coyoacán, in 2007, the band was captivated with the inscription “Viva La Vida” that is read in one of the paintings.

“It’s amazing. To conclude it here (in México) means everything. The image of that painting is where the album’s title and all of this came out”, he said at the end.

In addition, he was glad to know that the visits to the Museo Casa Frida Kahlo have augmented since they released their album and single.


- http://www.mural.com/


Here's a picture the article in spanish:






Sorry, the translation is not the best but I tried.

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Weee, thanks for posting Arantza! :kiss:

All newspapers seem to have read the same article from Ocesa, as they all basically say the same thing :P This morning an article was posted in my local newspaper :wacky: but it's not worth translating as it's the same information :tongue: My mom loved the pic though :wacko:

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