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Cheryl Cole's marriage in crisis: Husband Ashley accused of sending more X-rated photos of himself t


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Cheryl Cole's marriage in crisis: Husband Ashley accused of sending more X-rated photos of himself to a SECOND woman



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 1:28 PM on 15th February 2010




Cheryl Cole has been dealt another blow today with claims her husband Ashley sent more X-rated photographs of himself to a second woman's mobile phone.

The Chelsea defender texted naked photographs along with hundreds of raunchy messages to an unidentified blonde secretary over a two-month period, the Sun alleges.

The paper claims the messages were sent in October 2008 and completely undermine Cole's previous denial that he had text sex with a Hull mother-of-two Sonia Wild in June this year.

The newspaper today printed a series of pictures allegedly sent by the 29-year-old, including one which shows a male torso in a white pair of briefs.




Another blow: Pressure mounts on Cheryl and Ashley Cole's marriage following today's claims he sent more lurid text messages to a second woman


Ashley's tattoo, which extends down the side of his ribcage, appears to be visible in the frame.

In the exchanges, which are said to have taken place mainly on Friday and Saturday nights while Cheryl was working on X Factor, Ashley allegedly pleaded to keep their lurid correspondence a secret.




December 8, 2007: Cole meets hairdresser Aimee Walton, 22, who claims the pair slept together

January 24, 2008: Walton's kiss and tell appears in a tabloid newspaper

October 4, 2008: Cole allegedly begins texting the unidentified secretary

October 26, 2008: He sends her an indecent picture of himself just after 3am

December 5, 2008: He stops messaging the secretary

June 9, 2009: Cole takes racy pictures of himself while staying in a hotel before World Cup game against Andorra. The photos turn up on a phone owned by topless model Sonia Wild, 28

June 10, 2009: Wild sends pictures of herself to the unregistered phone along with six texts




A message on October 9 read: 'We both have things 2 lose i do trust u alot. And i would never show any1.'

Another read: 'I beg u to keep this between us. Please delete all texts ill have no b**** left'.

He demanded the woman send him more explicit pictures throughout the course of their messaging, and replied in turn by sending his own indecent images.

The longest stream of texts - a total of 57 messages - was sent on the weekend of October 25-26. At 3.32am, he joked 'No its not big. Ur make me laugh. X' before sending one of the rudest pictures.


Ashely's spokesperson was unavailable to comment when contacted by Mail Online.


The fresh claims come as it has emerged Cheryl and Ashley have spent much of the last two weeks living apart, after the singer decided to move into a London hotel.

They did not reunite yesterday for Valentine's Day, as footballer Cole was laid up at their Surrey home with an ankle injury and his wife was working in the capital.


Since the first round of sex text allegations broke last week, Cheryl, 26, has been staying at Kensington's Baglioni Hotel rather than their home.

Only last month, the Fight For This Love singer was talking about her plans to have children.

She told Hello! magazine: 'I'd like to start a family with Ashley. Not this year, but I don't wait to wait forever to have children.'

She also spoke of her determination to make her relationship work, saying: 'You don't just have to just give up when two people who love each other have a few problems.

'Anyone who throws in the towel ends up achieving nothing.'



Fighting for this love: The atmosphere was tense as Cheryl collected Ashley from hospital on Friday night after an operation on his broken ankle


But whether her comments still stand in light of the latest revelations remains to be seen.


Th couple's three-and-a-half year marriage was initially thrown into crisis when model Wild, 28, claimed she received naked pictures of Ashley long with suggestive text messages.



Topless model: Sonia Wild was the first to claim Ashley texted her naked pictures of himself


The footballer, who broke his ankle during a game against Everton last Wednesday, admitted taking the pictures of himself on a mobile while staying with the England squad at a hotel in Watford.

But he denied sending them to Miss Wild and claimed he passed on the unregistered pay-as-you-go phone to close friend Jay Wynters, who in turn gave it to another friend, who found the images and sent them to the model.

Cheryl's publicist yesterday insisted she was merely using the hotel as a base for a promotional tour of Europe. But her home is actually much closer to Heathrow airport, from where she has flown to the Continent several times in the past fortnight.


Her publicist did little to quell speculation by refusing to comment on a string of questions about the relationship.

The pressure is clearly mounting on their troubled marriage.

The Girls Aloud singer spent Valentine's Day at a rehearsal session in Earl's Court, West London, for tomorrow night's Brit Awards performance.


Her decision to spend the day apart is said to have frustrated Cole, who is thought to have an issue with his wife's increasing popularity as a judge on ITV's The X Factor and with her solo singing career.

It would not be surprising if Mrs Cole decided the couple needed breathing space, in the light of the recent revelations.


A friend said that Mrs Cole is feeling 'incredibly confused'. They added: 'She'd been telling friends she was still madly in love with Ashley and said the marriage was stronger that it had ever been.'

In January 2008 hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she had engaged in drunken extra-marital sex with Ashley.

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