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Recession: The painful TOOTH?


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Stress over the recession has led to sharp increase in those suffering from excessive teeth grinding



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:10 AM on 01st March 2010




A growing number of people are experiencing dental problems due to excessive teeth grinding, linked to stress over the recession.

Many patients are forced to visit the dentist after suffering severe headaches and pain in their mouth, as well as pieces falling off their teeth or a cracked molar or incisor.

Those working in the financial sector are among the most affected.



The number of people suffering dental problems due to excessive grinding of the teeth has seen a sharp increase which has been linked to the recession


Dentist Yann Maidment, who owns a practice in Edinburgh, Scotland, said the amount of patients suffering due to excessive teeth grinding has risen by 10 to 20 per cent.

He told The Guardian: 'There's a lot of anxiety that redundancies may be coming, and about job losses that have already happened.'


Mr Maidment also revealed those who travel a lot for their jobs are most likely to be affected, explaining: 'They have more stressors in their life.'

Mr Maidment, who has been a dentist for the past 25 years, added he has seen a drastic increase in the amount of bite guards he has been providing.

The plastic device, similar to a rugby player's gumshield, costs between £250 and £300 and is worn at night in an attempt to stop grinding.


A patient adviser at the British Dental Health Foundation's helpline said they had seen an increase in the amount of calls they have received on the issue, explaining: 'Stress is probably the major reason - people not being able to cope with things going on in their work or love life, or having money worries.

'These situations can create tension in people's bodies and that can manifest itself as teeth grinding.'

The helpline's advised remedies for excessive grinding include corrective exercises, relaxation therapy and counselling to deal with the underlying cause of the tension.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254535/Stress-recession-led-sharp-increase-suffering-excessive-teeth-grinding.html#ixzz0gvfm1ki9

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