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Chris and Gwyn Sing


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Chris and Gwyn Sing


LOVEY-dovey Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin get more sickening by the minute.


The couple - fast cementing their reputation as the new John Lennon and Yoko Ono - sang a romantic duet at a friend's wedding.


More than 100 guests watched as they cooed together on stage at the party in the Hamptons, Long Island.


They sang Cruisin', a number Gwynnie once performed on record with Huey Lewis. Coldplay front-man Chris, wearing a bright yellow shirt, was continually snuggling up to Gwyneth and whispering in her ear.


At one point in the song he set tongues wagging by playfully patting Gwyneth's tummy. But Paltrow's publicist Stephen Huvane was last night quick to quash any rumours, saying: "She's not pregnant. Listen to the lyrics and you'll see why he's doing that."


As they finished the song, Gwyneth leaned over to kiss Chris's neck before leaving the stage.


The audience were then treated to Chris playing a solo rendition of Coldplay's Amsterdam on the piano.


As he finished, Gwyneth - who famously wept at the Oscars - was yet again in tears. She ran back on the stage and threw her arms around her man.


Maybe she was taking the lyrics a bit too literally. One onlooker told 3am: "It was a friend of Gwyneth's wedding and she was maid of honour. She and Chris were all over each other all day."


Get a room, guys...



(from another messageboard who says it's from the Mirror :confused: )

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