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BBC Axes 6Music


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BBC has decided to get rid of 6music which focuses on up and coming acts and plays predominantly alternative music. Despite living on the other side of the world the station is close to my heart because it is the sister station of Triple J Radio in Australia, my favourite station which is modelled around Music6.


Here is an article from Times Online




The Director-General of the BBC has told senior staff that the public outcry against plans to close 6 Music will boost the corporation by showing politicians the strength of public affection for its services.


In meetings with staff yesterday, Mark Thompson is understood to have said that he is not concerned by the reaction against plans to scrap the radio station. More than 100,000 people have joined a campaign to save 6 Music, including stars such as David Bowie and Lily Allen.


Coldplay became the latest band to back the station, which the music industry regards as a vital outlet for breaking new acts. The band said that “the incredible 6 Music . . . plays a crucial and unique role in the British music scene”.


Mr Thompson’s strategy review includes proposals to close the Asian Network, the teen cross-media brandsBBC Switch and Blast!, as well as halving the size of the BBC website. The suggestion to scrap 6 Music has attracted 3,000 complaints to the BBC, leading Mr Thompson to consult senior staff. One executive said: “He told us he is not concerned about the outcry, because it sends a message to politicians that even if you want to close a small, niche station there’s such a large outcry; imagine what would happen if you tried to close BBC One or Two.”



This would be a great loss to not only the British music scene but the alternative/indie scene all over the world.

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LOL it's called 6Music


It's a radio program it's not like half the bands in the world have been killed.


:embarrassed: lol


so if its so superficial, why the massive outcry?


its a program? i was under the impression it was a proper digital station........

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Is australia the only country with decent radio stations? In Sydney we have Triple J and Fbi and even 2SER plays some awesome stuff. then in melbourne i know they have 3RRR or something with has a really strong following. all of them are going very well and some are actually becoming more successful than they were before the internet boom.

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