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The Second Coming


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it was shown on british TV earlier in the year, i how-ever missed it but kept hearing good things about it, so in the hMV sale i decided to pickit up on DVD for a fiver.


Having just finished watching it, all i can say is wow.


it is one of the best pieces of tv work i've seen in a long time, thoguht provoking, moving, clever, wodnerfuly scripted and scroed, and goodacting.


i believe the USA will see it on one of their channels, NBC i think, this fall. and if you get the chance to, watch it.


This is the type of tv show we should see moreoftne, less soaps, less inspector morse and frost, and more original drama.


It was damned good, did anyone else see it or own it?

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it's about a normal, everyday guy, who goes missing for 40 days, and then says he's the son of god


he performs some mircles to prove who he is (in some peoples eyes) and then says a 3rd testiment will be written by the people. it was really thought provoking, i don't want to say too much without giving anything away if you haven't sene it

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