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Help me design my own Coldplay t-shirt!

Arwen Evenstar

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this is a really selfish thread but I need help designing my own Coldplay t-shirt

I am going to a custom t-shirt place and I need some cool unique ideas


I was thinking I would get a black t-shirt and write coldplay in the front in dark red in a scary font (like a horror movie poster)

and write viva la vida at the back in the same font


so please let me know all your ideas

pictures, drawings, everything is welcome


pretend you are designing it for yourself :)

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I hope you don't mind me reviving this thread Arwen, but I'm also trying to design my own custom shirt for an upcoming Mylo Xylotour concert!


If anyone could help me with

-what type of fabric I should work on

-what kind of paint to use

-possible design?


Creativity has no limits with this era, especially with all the graffiti and all. So thanks in advance! :)

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^ Cotton works best, if there is too much elastic vibers in the shirt the print might stretch too much and wear off quickly or even rip apart. My personal experience is that 5% elastine/elastomeer/spandex and 95% coton works still fine.


You can use regular T-shirt markers




or more fancy T-shirt sharpers and stretch the T-shirt in a stretcher to make the drawing look better, like below:




Here's a website for more (creative) options of handmaking one.


Stencilling/Printing a digital design I find the easiest way nowadays. Online or in CopyShops you can print a T-shirt quite cheap if you are willing to spend some time in finding cheap ones. The shops let you bring your own T-shirt if you want and give you a discount then. When you bring your own T-shirt, you know for sure it will fit and that it is the type/color shirt you want.


Especially when you want to make a T-shirt with graffiti style and many colors, I would do it the digital way :)

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I went to Michael's and bought a shirt from there, and tubes of glow in the dark fabric paint! It worked great!!! I wrote Canada loves Coldplay on the front, and on the back I put "We'll be glowing in the dark!" I drew most of the song symbols from MX on it too! I am not an artist, but it was surprisingly easy. Oxfam Canada ended up seeing us in the crowd and asking if they could take a photo. They tweeted it!


The roadies noticed us too! ;)

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Thanks! The paint comes out of the tubes quite neatly, but practice a bit on something to get a feel for the flow. I got a pack of 8 tubes for under $10. I actually am going to go out today to buy another shirt to decorate for my show in St. Paul! My daughter is making one too!!!

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I figured that I should just go with fabric spray paint to really get the MX graffiti effect. I spent about $30 on paint yesterday, but I'll probably return them for some cheaper ones lol

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