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  1. Is this really Jimmy Dean? Of the Jimmy Dean breakfast food empire? Big Fan.

  2. Met Chris Martin last week nbd

  3. Sorry for the late reply! Glad you enjoyed it! I wish I had put a little more effort into your package (especially compared to the other wonderful things I've seen here) but I'm just grateful that it got in your hands, especially sending internationally in the busy holiday season. I'm more active on Twitter if you wanna interact more, @the3jr :D A side note, I'll (hopefully) post my package details here soon.
  4. Veneers? Invisalign? or Zygon? God knows...
  5. Trying to come back here, but habits are hard to develop sometimes. Plus I don't know if I'll be welcome

  6. It's been ages since I've been here :o... I don't appreciate people talking behind my back... go F yourself if you do...
  7. Thanks for your understanding guys, I'm on here only once a week if I'm lucky nowadays. My schedule just didn't expect all this coldplayer responsibility... the book took me hours to finish... anyways.. DiOli05, the book should be there this Tuesday (according to UPS) and I'll look the other way with your past comments :shame:, hope you have fun with it! Wyrd, I didn't get a chance to scan it because of the rush to send it, so if anyone could scan it, THANK YOU! See you soon guys
  8. Hi! I'm sorry to say it''s still in production, I'm the only one working on it and I'm trying my best to compile all the videos together so it flows amazingly. I'll report back on the forum once I'm close to finishing it. I'm sorry to all of you that have been waiting for weeks now! :embarrassed:

  9. Sorry guys that I sent it so late, it's been what? 2-3 weeks? I didn't plan on my agenda being so busy, so please don't be so pissy with me. I understand your frustation, but don't get aggressive please... I'm especially sorry to DiOli05, I attached some cash to your page, for you to get the ice cream I promised, but you could do whatever with it. By the way, I check this forum at least twice a week, but I didn't comment because I wouldn't have anything to say. My twitter is @MajMinus, and I haven't recieved any tweets from any of you, sorry about that. It sucks to have Europeans mentally yelling at you.
  10. I'm really sorry again guys! I'm sending it today.
  11. I AM SOOO SORRY GUYS!!! This is my first time logging on in two weeks, when I realized the scrapbook was just sitting on my desk! The scrapbook really came to me at a bad time, cuz things got really busy right after I received it! I'll get my page done this week and I'll send it within the next week. Is that ok??? Once again, I'm really sorry for those who've been waiting, etc.... Life is hard, along with responsibilities :\ I owe you all cake and ice cream :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed: :embarrassed:
  12. yes! I know how to make it! Yummm hye went to a new destination by yourself
  13. the3jr

    Do you........

    yes, I just did for 2 days straight now... breast cancer I think... do you sing frequently?
  14. I've peaked my stress limit today, and hopefully I don't boil over again any time soon... Gotta keep my head up, take my own advice, and carry on : )
  15. take! Sounds good and British :D Coldplay 2012... bootleg! (the catch)
  16. That question never has a definite answer.. but for a while now ETIAW has been topping my list... Do you consider yourself a good person?
  17. Yes, I remember helping plan it... :sneaky: hye been in an embarrassing situation in public that you couldn't get out of?
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